Licking the lid of life. (brewhexe) wrote in naturaldyes,
Licking the lid of life.


I just joined a couple of weeks ago and have a couple of questions.

I know onion skins are widely used for a yellow to gold colour, but has anyone tried using red onion skins? I eat a lot of red onions as they are milder than white or green onions, and go well with fish (my favourite food), so I have started saving the skins but have read nowhere what colour they will give.

I went to a dyeing workshop (where I caught the bug) and the woman doing it used a certain material to show us the colours. It was a type of silk, but very rough and it feels more like cotton. She used it as it is supposedly cheap and so good for experimenting, but it would also make good bags for runes and cards. I cannot remember what she called it, and searching ebay hasn't helped. Has anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance. I am brand new to this and just got some dyestuffs and mordants last week so would love to start experimenting, but not sure what to start on!
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