tictactoepony (tictactoepony) wrote in naturaldyes,

First post! And recent projects

Hi there,

I'm a spinner, did a bit of wool dyeing back last year using Dylon, then moved on to natural dyes - thought you might like to see my most recent experiments!

merino, mordanted with alum, dyed with beetroot, daffodil and red onion

BFL, mordanted with alum, dyed with blackberry, redbush, daffodil and red onion

merino, mordanted with alum, dyed using red onion, white onion, walnut and nettle dyes

Alum-mordanted silk, blackberry and turmeric dyed

All were dyed using the food-wrap/steamer method.

I only use a little of each colour at the time, so I keep my spare natural dyes double-wrapped in bags in the freezer, to thaw as required.

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