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New to community


I didnt know there was specifically a natural dye community around here. I've been on some hand spinning sites for a while.

"I dye therefore I spin"

I guess this has become my catch phrase over the years. I do natural historic dye demos 1600 Northern Europe and 1600+ new world including Midwest territory for museums, history fairs, historical centers and schools.  My demo is rather flexible and includes not only native plants to the region but what was available in trade.

My catch phrase comes from when I 1st started out i had a terrible time with commercially purchased wool. The whole thing of not being 100% wool sometimes and/or the chemicals manufacturers use. So i started spinning so i could have pure Wool samples for my demo to get pretty close to the actual colors achieved historically. ( i don't weave, i have no clue how to knit or crochet)

So I've been doing this for about 10 years. Even with 10 years of experience i still get surprises and sometimes disasters. My demos are done in historic camps over a camp fire, with  either a cast iron pot or a copper pot and site water which is most often well water. Lots of variables!

I have a lovely basket of all kinds of skeins and samples, with many different shades and colors. Much of  which is faded and filthy from being outdoors in rain and snow with millions of grubby school kids touching them.

To keep my demo simple and to keep it directed to working class commoners and not so much the historical guilded master dyers i use materials, mordants, and extraction methods that are very basic.

My mission is to prove that even common folk historically had color, unlike what Hollywood likes to show in movies.

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