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My Madder Process, for anyone who is interested

Pre: I crocheted the bag first out of wool that was undyed. I was using scraps so I had a few different variations of greyish wool

Scouring: I scoured the wool by filling my sink with water as hot as the tap goes (which was measured at 150 F) and added about 1 tsp of Orvus Paste. I moved the bag around and generally let it be for an hour. I then drained the water, squeezed out the excess water.

Mordant: I used snow for water, as I live in Calgary and our water is very very hard. Rather than buying soft water, I figured I would use what nature gives us. I melted the snow and heated it a bit. I added 15 % WOF alum and 6 % WOF cream of tartar. Added the still wet bag to the pot and slowly brought the temperature up to 195 F. This took about 40 minutes. I held the temperature at 195 for an hour and then shut off the heat and let it cool down. After it was cool enough to handle I squeezed out the excess water and placed it in a white bag and closed it. I let this sit for 36 hours.

Dye: Once again I used snow for water. I heated the water until it was about 150 F. I then added 35 % WOF finely ground madder directly to the pot. I stirred it around until it was as dissolved as it gets, and heated the pot to 180 F. I added the still wet bag and dyed it at 180 F for one hour. Then I shut off the heat and let it cool down until I could handle the fabric. I rinsed the bag in the sink and then put it in my washing machine with a small amount of Ivory liquid soap.

I wanted to felt the bag so I washed it repeatedly in very hot water in the machine with shoes.

And that's it!

I highly recommend purchasing dyes from as they send excellent recipes with the dyes.
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